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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Capt. Naqi Hussain Naqvi

Capt. Naqi Hussain Naqvi  (Copyright © Aroosh Naqvi)

A PIA Boeing 720-040B seen with Capt. Syed Naqi Hussain Naqvi (fourth from right) and other cockpit and cabin crew members of the airline. Three generations of Naqvi family pilots have served PIA as Capt. Naqvi's son Shuja Naqvi and grandson Aroosh Naqvi also went on to become PIA pilots. Also seen in this photo is Capt. Ali Akhtar Khan (eight from right) who died as commander of PIA Boeing 720B flight PK-705 that crashed near Cairo Airport, Egypt, on May 20, 1965

Capt. M.M. Salehjee

Capt. M.M. Salehjee  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

Capt. M.M. Salehjee (left) with Managing Director PIA Air Vice Marshal Zafar A. Chaudhry. Air Vice Marshal Zafar A. Chaudhry served PIA as Managing Director for a short period of time from 1971 to 1972

S. Ajaz Ali

S. Ajaz Ali  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

(L to R) Former flight operations manager Capt. Haq, Capt. M.M. Salehjee and Director Engineering S. Ajaz Ali

Taimur Baig

Taimur Baig  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

Taimur Baig and M.M. Salehjee in military uniform photographed at Royal Flying Corps training facility in Risalpur before 1947. The two pilots joined PIA during formative years of the airline

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