PIA & THE 747-400 SAGA

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Amaad Lone wrote:
the capacity issue is there. PIA's 773ERs will seat 370 passengers and the 743s currently seat ~420. So there will definately be a yield cut on routes like ISB/LHE-JED and LHR.
First of all ORD, the 747-300 is seating 433 passengers and not 420. And what makes you think PIA will seat 370 passengers in the 777-340ERs, considering they have 327 in the 240ERs.

I would think PIA is going to seat atleast 420-430 people on the 777-300ERs, making it identical capacity as the 747-300s.
Hi Amaad,

Sorry about the proloned delay in replying to your query. Well, I am fairly certain that I read a PIA press release that specifically stated that the 772ERs would have 329 seats, 777LRs 301 seats, adn the 773ERs will have 370 seats. I maybe wrong, but I am quite certain that PIA themselves have stated it.

I can almost gurantee you that the 773ERs will not have 400 seats. PIA have chosen the 9-abreast seating in Y class and combined with the new J class seats, they will not be able to have more than 400 seats in the a/c.

I suspect that you have gotten this 420-430 seat figure from other airlines such as TG, CX, and EK. Well, the 773s they are talking about are HD configurations with 10-abreast seating in Y and 8-abreast in J/C class and with the exception of EK, no other airline operates these a/c in this configuration on long-haul flighs.

Incidently, Air France's three-class 773ERs will have 310 seats. Even if we discount the fact that PIA do not have a first class prouduct, still it is difficult to see how they would accomodate 420 pax on this a/c. They might get close to 400, if they use the above mentioned 10-abreast Y and 8-abreast J class, but don't expect people to put up with that on a 8 hour journey to the U.K. or God forbid a 16 journey to JFK, ORD, YYZ, etc.