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Boeing 737-300 has a major fuselage modification coming up in 2009, which is costing so high that’s its worth buying new planes, for that 737-700 with winglets is already under study its competitor is A-320 is also being studied side by side with 737.
Kindly read my suggestions more carefully...I already suggested the B 737-700 with is the quote :
The Boeing 737-700 with winglets (to conserve fuel) is the ideal replacement aircraft for the Boeing 737-300 as it has a similar passenger and cargo carrying capability but it can fly further. The additional range that it offers would enable PIA to fly on medium haul low-density routes nonstop, which are beyond the reach of the Boeing 737-300.

These new potential routes are to Damascus, Beirut, Amman and Istanbul nonstop from PIA’s Karachi hub. In addition, the operating characteristics of the Boeing 737-700 with winglets are very advanced and superior to its nearest competitor i.e. the Airbus A 319 as it burns 4% less fuel and flies further due to the winglets.

PIA’s current Boeing 737 fleet numbers 6 aircraft but I feel that it would be worth it if a replacement order for not 6 but 7 Boeing 737-700’s with winglets is placed so that frequencies can be increased on key Gulf routes from Pakistan.
A-310 being on lease will go back and will be replaced by 737-900
A B 739 cannot fly nonstop from PAK to EU/UK/PEK/SIN/ whats the purpose of ordering such an aircraft as an effective A 310 replacement. Whomever suggested this should have their head examined as the B 739s too carry less cargo than the A 310 and the seating capacity isnt as luxurious as what can be ordered on the A 310s on medium-long haul flights.

A B 739 / A 321 is at the very most an OK replacement for domestic + Middle East flights only that have medium density demand...but surely it isnt a replacement aircraft option even to be considered for EU/UK/Far East operations.

Boeing 747-300’s as per plan will retire in 2010, but can be extended up to 2012
it better not be as that would mean them being 24 years old by 2012 and even more inefficient aircraft 2 operate in that future era.
747’s a total 6+2 will be replaced by Boeing 777 (ER’s and LR’s) mixed fleet will come making a total of 20 B-777.
I think you have made a mistake here...8 B 747s to be replaced by 8 B 777s and not 20 B 777s...PIA has 12 A 310s so 12 + 8 = 20...PIA is not replacing its A 310s with B 777s so you have made a typo error here. PIA will most likely replace the A 310 as I have suggested with the Boeing 787-800.
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could PIA replace 310s with 332? i know it carries 100 more pax though but i guess leasing them from ILFC wont be a bad idea, they had 3 332s ex-bluebird at Stuttgart ,Germany sitting idle!
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pk757 wrote:could PIA replace 310s with 332? i know it carries 100 more pax though but i guess leasing them from ILFC wont be a bad idea, they had 3 332s ex-bluebird at Stuttgart ,Germany sitting idle!
If two A330s are still available then why the order of leasing A330 for PIA was canceled due to lack of availability?
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And if the A330's were available, ED wouldve tried to get them before PIA or maybe right after the Hajj flights were done