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tremendous accumulated liabilities for the publics account
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Charlie & Fullthrust

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Guess you are right when servants become serpents, what else to expect.

Fleet renewal is a continoous process. Great problem in PK's case is the scrapping aircraft with abandon instead of the efficient & effective disposal of someone else's resources - Is also known as theft & robbery, but that is for sane people. Fullthrust indicates plenty of contempt for his kind or rather mankind - It is a sickness when one turns against the one's benefactor or who has done you favors.

Some of the B742s were sold for PKR 45 per kilo, B4 fleet for about $10 million, AYW & BCL for under one $ mill. Just wet leasing this season is a minimum $35 million - actuals are much higher. New & very expensive IFE systems were installed in B74Ms after phasing out had been scheduled. The list of debauchery is almost endless. Consideration for special & outstanding people like aviators is why reduce yourself to a chamcha in someone else's program whom you don't even know. And that too for just a salary which one gets anyway for doing their job. If it was robbery then you should be entitlled for a cut in the loot.

Keep you chin up - The world is full of small people wanting to get smaller.