Why ATR 42-500 and not Saab 2000 for PIA

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Dear Amaad Lone

Do you have any sources on the info you have provided, I haven't done extensive comparisons b/w the two, but Saab definitely has better/ newer avionics and airframe design (its a newer a/c). And remember its a higher performance a/c, it was designed to provide jet type performance with turboprop economy, so when talking about the fuel economy I think when you say higher fuel consumption thats comparing time-fuel ratio but it will get there faster, so I would consider distance- fuel ratio. And since the skies over northern Pakistan areas are usually vacant, PIA will be able to get the max performance. The climb and descent rates are second to none. If I remember correctly during the certification and flight testing the Saab 2000 broke the time to climb record for any turboprop a/c.
I in no way would like PIA to get Saab 2000 for reasons any other than performace and feasibility, I just feel its a better choice but relatively unknown because it wasn't able to make an impression on the market at the time.
About the spares, probably most aircrafts flying today are no longer in production, I don't think that by default makes a difference (remember its like a stretched Saab 340).
About the cabin width, I am not sure what the exact difference is, but in terms of comfort, the noise reduction system of Saab 2000 would more than make up for it.
About the price: Like I said, PIA might be able to get a better deal using the fact that not many others are willing to buy the Saab 2000.
I would mention again, I havn't done any research comparing the two so I would appreciate any hard figures that you can provide.
Irrespective of what PIA buys, I hope there is no waste of precious $$$ and the deal is what is good for the country and the airlines itself; not for the politicians or any one in Authority.
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I think after looking at performance of Saab 2000 & ATR 42, Saab is not meant for the type of operation like PIA feeder routs short fields hot and high elevations it is meant for low loads sectors where jets like B737 are even not able to fill 50% it has speed close to B737 on Short sector like Lhe- Isb ATR is designed for medium lengths fields and operations like the one PIA is doing in NORTH and in MAKRAN COASTS it would have been good idea if PIA had ordered a mix fleet of ATR 42 and 72 and given a options for 15 knots tail wind for take off & landings Bye the way I flew ATR 72 in 1994 when it came for demo flights on sectors Isb Gil Isb Chitral it was good
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PIA has ordered the ATR42 and is apparently looking at the ATR72 as well. God knows we've waited long enough for them to get rid of those Fokkers and now they are, so lets just rejoice at our good fortune. They're not getting the Saab and thats the end of that.
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CoyBoy wrote:Beginning to sound like the botched ex-Philippine Airlines 744 deal discussions.
Can you please provide me link of this discussion. I m waiting.
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Topic related to ex-Philippines 747-400s was discussed long time ago, it no longer exists on this forum.
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