PIA Green tail overview short's

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PIA Green tail overview short's

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Yeah, it was a beautiful tail. Very easy to identify anywhere, now it's hard too because there is no color on it just a corny looking flag, oh well. Hope the new livery comes out a lot better.

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Green tail has always been attractive for every one. I am one of them, Hope we would see a new tail probably with PIA titles on it when 772LR comes into service...

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yeah i would love to bold green design on the B777s, i hope Tariq K has something exciting planned !! :wink:

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That livery with Pashmina design worked so well for PIA as they were saving money onthe painting process, plus getting a better look, with less green.

But I must say the beige tail has kind of grwon on me, if you see PIA aircraft in photos from MAN they really stand out amongst the rest, giving a kind of calming look, even with the drab flag, compared with the other tails screaming for attention with their bolder designs and colours, also the beige tail's look good in real too, just the flag should go.

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