PIA donates Rs 40m to relief fund

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PIA donates Rs 40m to relief fund

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PIA donates Rs 40m to relief fund

ISLAMABAD: PIA is contributing Rs 40 million to the President' Relief Fund.

Out of the Rs 40 million, PIA has given Rs 26 million in cash, Rs 10 million in the transportation of relief goods and Rs 4 million in flying the affected families to Islamabad.

PIA is also collaborating with the Citizens Foundation Relief Fund and will provide, in a two phased strategy, systematic relief to the survivors of the earthquake in the Northern Areas and AJK.

In the first phase, as immediate relief, we will provide basic care packages including tents, blankets and food rations.

In the second phase, in association with other partners, PIA plans to construct seismically designed homes over the next two years.

Source: Onlinenews.com.pk
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Sir, it is Rs 50 Mn that PIA contributed to president's relief fund. I saw this news on GEO.