Pakistan's Biggest Blunder

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Mr.Taj has mentioned some very wrong things.He doesn't know what some PIA officials know. I am a relative of PIA performance eingineer. I have got a complete performance analysis of used(SIA) and brand new A340 as well as used(United Airlines) and brand new B777. Among all, brand new B777s have got the best performance in terms of weights and fuel consumption and many other things. B777s are more comfortable than A340s. Every 3 out of 4 passengers who have travelled on both the aircrafts, prefer B777, if Mr.Taj is up-to-date about stastics. Each aircraft is not of $250 million, but of $120 million. PIA was at advantage by purchasing B777s. Price of B777-200ER before 9/11 was around $170 million, but PIA was offered at 120 due to slump in aviation industry.One more thing which Mr.Taj is not aware of is that the B777s are not purchased for mid east routes but for Europe and N.America. Why PIA did not choose B747-400s or A330s. Because B747-400s are now outdated and no airline is ordering its PAX version and A330 is too small in terms of weight that full payload cannot be carried on PIA routes. Finally, no airline will offer half a decade old B777s for $86 million. This is the thing that made me laugh the most LOL.
After reading that article only one thing comes in my mind, a prejudice person writing a crap,baseless, absurd and fooolish article just because PIA chose B777
Hope most of the questions regarding this B777 deal have been answered by this post
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Good response....I was'nt sure about that $250 mil price tag. As I recalled PIA/GoP paid around a $1 bn for the whole deal, which would come to be $120 mil per plane.....
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Yes good response. That article is just a bunch of bullcrap. They have no idea what they are talking about and they should look at the numbers and statisics before attacking.