Any Update on EASA Audit

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Any Update on EASA Audit

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salaam All,

As a overseas Pakistani, and frequently visiting Pak , I’d like to give my hard earned money to PIA, so I know indirectly it’s going back home. I’m sure many would beg to differ.

Anyway, reading online on forums, that a date has been agreed, but can’t find any mention , when. So if anyone knows any info , be much appreciated to know.

I’m hoping PCAA and PK got their act together and can prove to EASA they’re totally safer and got their houses in order. As I’m sure this whole ban and delay in lifting is a political game somewhere (my opinion) .

If, for some reason (valid) EASA refuses to lift the ban , then Pak Government should start looking at a “tit for tat” policy. I appreciate it’s suicidal economically, but at times you have to lose to gain long term. If BA and VS had to stop flying to Pak, I’m sure they’d put so much pressure on UK government to resolve, as Pak route is very lucrative to them. Sadly the UK national airline, in a complete mess themselves post covid are chopping and changing Pak schedule at their leisure. If PK did that, they’d potentially lose their slots at LHR. So again PCAA need to be stricter and impose penalties to operators not committing themselves to their schedule.

Let’s hope the introduction of new a/c into PK brings a fresh start, with a business focused management, and staff with a “get up and go” attitude keeping the fleet in top standards with management helping. Increased reliability and a cabin and cabin service to give the competition a scare. Go go PK.
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Re: Any Update on EASA Audit

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EASA Pakistan online audit expected in October this year. Later, EASA team will visit Pakistan to conduct physical audit.


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Re: Any Update on EASA Audit

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Means flights can start only until 2023 at the earliest
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Re: Any Update on EASA Audit

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I don't think it's got to do anything with politics. EASA put a ban because they weren't satisfied, which really is the case. Not just that our authorities are incompetent but our lack of professionalism is just a huge red flag for any safety agency in the world. Hopefully they get things sorted this time.