Taxi costs from Islamabad airport to city?

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Taxi costs from Islamabad airport to city?

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It has been many years since I visited Islamabad.

I understand that the airport is quite far from the city, what is the typical taxi fare nowadays? Is the metro to Peshawar Mor running fast/reliable and is that better to take metro bus till Peshawar mor and then get a taxi from there?
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Re: Taxi costs from Islamabad airport to city?

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Yes there are multiple options from the airport. 1. Conventional yellow taxis. They'll charge anywhere from 800rs to 2500rs depending on where you want to get dropped and if you're willing for ride sharing.
2. Radio cab service available for booking from inside the terminal building. They charge a premium but the cars are much more comfortable.
3. Finally there's the metro service. The buses arrive at the airport every half an hour and drop you off at Peshawar Mor (Also called 26 number stop in local language). From there you can get a taxi/Uber/indriver at lower rates than at the airport. You can also take the connecting metro bus to go further into Islamabad.
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