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Well There is a need to bring in new colours other than the boring green and white theme...that colour combination has been beaten to death....

Lets think out of the box....
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piafan wrote:Lets think out of the box....
But in the process, let's not try and bury each other in one...

As Stylo said, lighten up.
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You have all my support for your livery designs.
I personally think are great. PIA should be grateful if you are sending your designs to them. I loved the Pashmina and also the livery with the green stripes at the bottom.

With the current livery its ok but i dont like the cream colour

I once spoke to some English plane spotters at heathrow
and what they said to me was they like the green and white colours of pia
because it represents the colours of the countrys flag.
Mohammed Younis
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