Disabled passengers

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Disabled passengers

Post by Ash0707 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:16 am

I’m hoping to fly to Islamabad in August all being well. I have travelled many times before but at that time I was fit and healthy. I know have a severe spinal cord injury and am just wandering is there any airline that will cater for my needs. It’s not something I ever thought about before call me selfish as I think when your ok you don’t think about how a simple thing can affect you.
Anyway I use a wheelchair so will it ha e to be checked in or can I board with it? It’s a manual wheelchair and someone will be able to push me who’s travelling with me.

I can then only mobilise with crutches so can I request to be close to the washroom just in case of any turbulence and I don’t want to be injuring anyone else.

Due to the nature of my disability I have to sit with my legs stretched out as much as possible so the question is are there any seats allocated specifically for disabled people.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Disabled passengers

Post by fahadshakeel » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:35 am

All the major airports facilitate wheel chairs and services for disabled passengers.
You need to checkin your own wheel chair to the luggage and obtain one from CAA Counter and there is staff to push you till plane. You can even request on checkin counter for wheelchair while checking in your own chair they will call for chair with staff.

Right after purchasing your ticket call to concerned airline about your disability and they will allocate near bulkhead seat to you (not with emergency exits but aisle). Ask your travel agent as well they will take care for seat. Bulk head seats are right next to lavatories.

Once the airline staff will have your record then they will let you and all disabled passengers onboard at priority. First you will be settled and then regular passengers.

Similarly upon arrival you will be disembarked at last and wheel chairs will be available on boarding bridge for your convenience. CAA trained staff will make sure your reach till arrival hall & conveyer belts to pick up your checked luggage. By law there are no charges for staff but they might demand or you can pay them at your pleasure. I will recommend you PIA and if you can book your seat in executive economy so you will have ample leg room without going into demand with checkin staff.

May you get perfect soon and have safe flight.