Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Awareness Walk Held at Islamabad Airport

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Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Awareness Walk Held at Islamabad Airport

Post by Abbas Ali » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:29 pm

July 10, 2019

The Civil Aviation Authority and Airport Services staff held a walk on Tuesday to raise awareness among people working at Islamabad International Airport about the importance of keeping airside areas clear of foreign object debris.


Senior management and airline staffers lined up at Bay 9 and 10 with latex gloves and plastic bags to collect debris on their walk to Bay 3. The walk aimed to raise awareness among staff working on the ramp and to keep the airport’s apron clean.

Foreign object debris at the airport includes anything from small rocks to luggage racks, which could damage aircraft, equipment or injure people.

The presence of tools, parts and loose hardware, building material, paper, paper clips, pens, coins, badges, fragments of broken pavement, garbage, food wrappers and beverage containers, loose vegetation, baggage tags and pieces of luggage, hats, rags, gloves, birds or stray animals and wildlife, volcanic ash and people that do not belong in or near airplanes can result in injuries to airport personnel and damage to aircraft.

In addition to the apron area, the airport’s runway also has to be kept clear are objects that fall from aircraft or vehicles, broken ground equipment and birds on the runway can affect fast-moving aircraft during landing and takeoff.

Source: DAWN
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