German Airbus A320 plane crashes

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German Airbus A320 plane crashes

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Germanwings A320 aircraft flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf goes down in southern French Alps with 148 on board

A passenger plane for the airline Germanwings flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf has crashed in southern France, officials have confirmed.

The Airbus A320 making the flight for Lufthansa’s lowcost arm, Germanwings, crashed near the small mountain village of Barcelonette in the southern Alps. It had made a distress call at 10.47am then disappeared off the radar at around 11.20am, Le Figaro reported.

The French TV station iTele said there had been at least 142 passengers and six crew-members on board.

The French president, François Hollande, said it was likely there were no survivors.

He said the crash happened in “an area that was very difficult to access” and did not know yet whether any homes had been affected on the ground. “Solidarity is our first sentiment at this moment,” he said.

Airbus said it is aware of the reports of a crash but could not confirm.


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Re: German Airbus A320 plane crashes

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Weird how it just stays on course until it hits the ground, in what otherwise resembles a controlled descent in terms of speed and descent rate.

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Re: German Airbus A320 plane crashes

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Salam hello surprised sad news Last Wednesday 13th March 1996 I flew D-AIPX Jump seat from Munich to LHR London Heathrow A320 and I have found my picture.