Qatar Airways unbelievable rules for women

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Qatar Airways unbelievable rules for women

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IT’S one of the world’s fastest growing airlines with a modern fleet, but Qatar airlines has been rocked by reports revealing its shockingly archaic set of rules for female flight attendants.
Gulf carriers Etihad and Emirates were also blasted by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) for its “flagrant abuses of aviation workers” — but they named Qatar Airways as the worst.
The ITF exposed unbelievable rules in the contracts for female flight attendants at Qatar Airways including:
• Female flight attendants can only be hired if they are single
• They must remain single for five years after starting work
• If they want to get married they have to ask the airline’s permission
• Pregnancy is a breach of contract and can lead to firing


Nearly eighteen months since their initial report, the ITF says that the airline has made no progress in its treatment of women and has urged companies, including the Barcelona Football Club who have a lucrative sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways, to reconsider their relationship with the airline.
However, in a statement to the Washington Post yesterday, Qatar Airways says the contract claims are not true.
“Qatar Airways flight attendants do not have to be, or remain single,” Rossen Dimitrov, Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Customer Experience, said. “Many of our cabin crew are in fact married.”
The airline said its cabin crew do have to notify the airline of pregnancies, as mandated by Qatar’s civil aviation authority, “for health and safety reasons.” If employees cannot fly because of pregnancy, they are “assisted with finding suitable ground positions.”