1962 - PIA Boeing 720B Record Flight Info on FAI Website

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Re: 1962 - PIA Boeing 720B Record Flight Info on FAI Website

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ConnieMan wrote:Abbas, where is AP-AMG now, it she still alive and flying or is she in a museum.

I would imagine this record making aircraft would some how be still kept alive....
PIA delivered two Boeing 720Bs (AP-AMG & AP-AMJ) on wet-lease to Air Malta and these were Air Malta's first aircraft when it started operations on April 1, 1974; later Air Malta bought these two 720Bs from PIA on April 1, 1979. AP-AMG was re-registered as 9H-AAM and AP-AMJ as 9H-AAN in Malta.

Air Malta Boeing 720B (9H-AAM), which was the record breaking former AP-AMG of PIA, after serving Air Malta was retired and parked at Malta International Airport and there it was for training airport's fire fighting personnel. But, unfortunately few years later it was set on fire by vandals. The fire destroyed aircraft fuselage. However tail section was not badly damaged and there were plans by some Maltese individuals to get surviving tail section of the aircraft preserved at a muesum in Malta but somehow that plan did not become reality and in the end the entire aircraft was scrapped in Malta.

Here's 1991 photo of former PIA Boeing 720B (AP-AMG) - the record breaking aircraft - destroyed by fire started by vandals, photographed at Malta International Airport.
Click here to see large photo.

Before its destruction by fire, the airframe of this retired Boeing 720B at Malta International Airport in 1980s was also used for a TV film in fictitious 'Sky Line' airline livery.

1986 photo of the retired aircraft in fictitious 'Sky Line' airline livery for film recording, also note fake engines.
Click here to see large photo.

AP-AMG on its fuselage sported details of its London-Karachi, London-Beirut and Beirut-Karachi speed record flight during her years of service with PIA. The aircraft continued to sport these details during her early years of service with Air Malta.

The Boeing 720B postcards issued by Air Malta in 1970s also mentioned record breaking flights achieved by AP-AMG. Here are scans of one such official Air Malta postcard in the collection of Capt. Robin Zammit of Air Malta.

Front side of the postcard showing PIA Boeing 720B leased out to Air Malta.

Back side of the postcard mentioned aircraft's three world record flight times London-Karachi, London-Beirut and Beirut-Karachi.

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Re: 1962 - PIA Boeing 720B Record Flight Info on FAI Website

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Lovely pictures and memories. Thanks a million.

I did not know -AMG met such a sad end.