My PIA A310-200 1:500 scale in 1990s livery.

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Abbas Ali wrote: A310-200s were built without wingtip fence whereas all A310-300s have wingtip fence.
One important point I forgot to add is that a small number - around 8 in total - late production A310-200s also had wingtip fence. A310-300 was already in production when these very last few A310-200s were built between 1986 and 1988 with wingtip fence.

For example following link shows one of these last production A310-200s with wingtip fence.

Thai Airbus A310-200 - ... 0913340/L/
Nadir Ali wrote: Nope. The other A310s i compared them to were of Emirates of the same brand and the same scale. yet their wingtips and fusalage seemed different from this one. When I'm in Karachi again, I'll post a pic of my Emirates planes to make a comparison. Maybe those ones are A310-200s then.
All A310s operated by Emirates were A310-300. As I said in my previous post, aircraft models specially toy-like models should never be compared with size/shape of real aircraft. Aircraft models are not always 100% accurate in design/shape/dimension. For example you cannot match or compare shape of your PIA A310-300 model aircraft's landing gear with the landing gear of a real A310-300 :wink:

On following photo links you can compare real A310-200 with real A310-300.

KLM Airbus A310-200 - ... 0199954/L/

PIA Airbus A310-300 - ... 1419668/L/

Emirates Airbus A310-300 - ... 0197199/L/

More photos of A310-200 and can be compared with A310-300 on You'll note all A310-200s (excluding very few late production A310-200) are without wingtip fence. The photos will show that all A310-300s have wingtip fence and that's the major visible external difference between A310-300 and A310-200 (excluding very few late production A310-200 that were equipped with wingtip fence). Other minor differences between different A310s, like different number of antennas on upper/lower side of fuselage, engine model, number of cabin windows etc. are according to different choice of aircraft customers.
Photo link shows Air Transat A310-300 not -200.

I found that picture when googling for Air transat A310-200s and that's the result i got.
According to the text below that photo, it's a model of A310-300.

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No the comparison i was making was between model A310s. Like for example the A310s of Kuwait airways i had in Karachi had different wing angling and fusalage. I am comparing model-to-model here. Not model to real thing.

ofcourse yes there is not comparing a plastic landing gear to actually landing gear containing rubber tires.

The closest model to the real thing is an RC 1:100 plane but even there you have differences such as source of energy and a whole lot other things.