1:200 PIA 777-300 in Classic Green & Gold Livery

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PK777 wrote:
raza wrote:I think Dragon Wings sell airbridges win PIA's 777-300
btw.. i dont like mhansari's airbridges.. what are they lego pieces?
TJ, I have same sentiments as you on this..they look horrible..
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Gentlemen gentlemen...

Relax. They are only placeholder until the proper airway bridges arrive. And yes, they are lego pieces. The product of idle hands and my younger brother's lego box!

The DW airport sets are interesting. They are a total of 8 sets, with different settings and different aircraft - and not very badly priced either. All 8 are designed to fit together to form a small terminal plus tarmac situation.

But I prefer the GJ airway bridges. That's what I'm planning to get...