B747-300 Emergency Card

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B747-300 Emergency Card

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Nice! I had not seen this design before - thank you for sharing.

I have older PIA Boeing 747-300 safety card in mint condition purchased from eBay.

In few years time these PIA Boeing 747 safety cards will become rare collectible item.

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Pfactor i must commend you on that sliding video and the absolutely awesome under the 747 belly pics...never saw such pics before man... Bravo!! =D>

i look forward to similar stuff from you...

now i don't know why have you posted the "Safety Briefing" but i just went through the "additional safety" section's last bit about protection from smoke and I was amazed to see the Difference in Directions in urdu and english section...
"English section says stay on your feet and keep your head low" whereas the urdu section literally asks you to "Get down on your knees and get out as soon as possible" :lol:

i find it funny but this is serious as well...because its a safety issue afterall...they should be mindful of the translations!!

what do you think!!? :-k

anyway, pfactor please post more videos and pics of training etc or any such out of the ordinary stuff...