Radio Control Aircraft Flying

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Radio Control Aircraft Flying

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If anyone is interested in purchasing/learning flying of radio control aircraft, they should contact Mr. Ahad Wali of Hobby World who is the sole retailer in Karachi, and also teachers newcomers to the hobby how to fly model aircraft.
Hobby World is located in the Defence Phase 2 extension area and Ahad can be contacted on his shop number of 5882292, or his mobile 0300-8244320
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^ related to R/C aircraft modelling; once I was thinking to design my own R/c model probably a twin engine DHC6 or F27 with balsa wood. But due to lack of time; i was not able to do so. At that time, i spent a month in a workshop where 40 size trainer were being produced and exported to other regions of Pakistan as well specially Karachi and the workshop (i hope) still located there in LCCHS.

Therefore, I have been able to find a shop over here in Kuwait from where I can get the engine, servos, remote control and other accessories. Before leaving to Pakistan on my next vacation; i hope i will have my hands on them and will buy the related stuff over there as well.
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