R/C toy planes in ISB

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R/C toy planes in ISB

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I am impressed!!

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This is excellent news for all RC modelers in Pakistan, i really enjoyed watching the video clip and now i'm thinking to take my Super Constellation model and do it's maidin flight at Islamabad aero modeling club!, just beautiful to see all that. Plus 2500 rupess is just peanuts in my opinion to join that club.

As for starters/beginner flyer/s, they don't need DX6 Spectrum super high end 6 channel radio or even 6 channel radio to start off, 4 channel radio with basic high wing, flat airfoil wing trainer is all you need to learn how to fly model aircraft. :wink:

BTW the title is totally wrong, these planes are not TOYS by any means, they have live engines that runs on liquid nitro fuel with props turning at thousands of rpms or turbines running on JET A1 type kerosene fuels, these planes have same aerodynamics as of real aircrafts and they use high frequency radios to fly them. Not any laloo panju can get into this hobby, you have to be adult and be very serious before you enter in this field/hobby as its expensive to very expansive hobby plus there are serious risk factors behind it if safety is not observed or maintained properly!...