PacMin PIA B777-200LR Quetta-Nature's Orchard 1/100

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Yes Pacmin models do lack details but the mould is very good and accurate. However there are other models, the mould of which are as good if not better than Pacmin and which cost almost half the price. An example here is this 773ER which I recently received as a gift. Its a 1/130 scale and is the best 773ER mould I have yet to see. It has all the correct markings alongwith rotating engines and is a pretty heavy model:

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What you don't understand is that PacMin models do value at about 300-500USD each. However, some are very rare and do hold alot of memories, like the ones i have, they were made only for the Boeing Co at the Dubai Airshow. You can see an Air India B777 PacMin for sale on ebay now and i assume it will probably fetch about 700USD.
This PIA model you see here, there were only two made by PacMin. Now PacMin have no orders for more PIA models at this time.

I also purchased this PIA PacMin model also: viewtopic.php?t=12319 again only two were made for the Boeing Co at Dubai Airshow.

Regarding detail, again if you contact Boeing or either PacMin they will tell you that Boeing specifically request simple detail on their promotional models, so that the models show the airline livery detail only. Yes you can get really detail models like from Westway Aviation Models (I have ordered) even PacMin would do them for you, however, companies like Boeing and Airbus do not look for this. I know as i have contacted a few people regarding this.

Anyway there are great models and the mould is very accurate as PacMin get all the dimensions/specifications directly from Boeing and Airbus, and they give the go ahead to PacMin to make them after seeing the sample model of the mould first before it goes into production.
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