Body found in PIA aircraft landing gear

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Body found in PIA aircraft landing gear

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Surprised no one has posted this yet according to a thread at it was an A310
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Dead passenger mystery still unresolved

No clue of person’s identity

By Masood Anwar

The mystery of the passenger who died while travelling on the rear wheels of a PIA aircraft is still unsolved, as the investigators have not found any clue about his identity so far.

A young male clad in shirt and trouser hid in the rear wheel of a PIA aircraft when flight PK-3356 was about to take off from the Jeddah Airport to Karachi on February 10.

Just after a few minutes of the takeoff, the control tower at Jeddah Airport informed PIA pilot Captain Imran that ground staff had seen someone climbing on the rear wheels of the aircraft, Captain Imran said in his statement just after landing at the Karachi airport.

Following the information, the PIA pilot informed the Karachi airport and just after landing, the ground staff found the dead body of a young person aged between 20-22 years.

As no documents were found from the dead man, the identification of the dead body and purpose to hide in the wheels is still a mystery.

The Safety Investigation Board (SIB) of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is investigating the mystery but is still clueless.

"We are doing our best but the entire episode had begun at the Jeddah Airport," Air Commodore Junaid, Chief of SIB told The News. "Thus, all the clues are lying at Jeddah," he added.

"We are in continuous contact with Saudi authorities and after getting some clue, we (Saudi and Pakistani authorities) will meet," he said.

To a question about the responsibility of the episode, he declined to comment, saying, "comment at this point is premature."

On the other hand, aviation experts have expressed surprise over the entire episode, raising questions about security measures at the airports and training of pilot.

The hiding of an unknown person in suspicious dressing in the aircraft is very surprising, they said.

It is evident from the dressing of the deceased person that he did not belong to the agencies working at Jeddah airport, raising serious doubts about the security measures taken at Jeddah airport, experts said.

Although the pilot was informed by the control tower just after a few minutes, the pilot decided to continue the flight instead of returning back or landing at the nearest airport.

This decision could prove fatal if the unwanted passenger was carrying explosives, they said.

In this way, the pilot put the life of all the passengers and crew on board at high risk.

Moreover, landing at the nearest airport could have saved the life of the suspicious person, they opined.

Source: The News
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