Airbus A320 Neo

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Airbus A320 Neo

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I may be Off topic Sorry for that, but i feel it is worth discussing.

Recently i have noticed two fire incidents on Airbus A320 Neo aircrafts. Both have been reported as Engine Fires.
  • Indigo Aircraft A320 Neo VT-ITF performing flight 6E-248 from Mumbai to Delhi was accelerating for take off when right engine emitted a loud bang and sparks prompting crew to reject take off
  • The 187 passengers and six crew members on board the Bengaluru-bound Airbus A320 of GoAir (G8 557) had a narrow escape after the plane caught fire just seven minutes after take-off. Aircraft involved in incident is VT-WGB an Airbus A320 Neo
I am surprised these incidents have got un-noticed so far...

Any Inputs ......

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Re: Airbus A320 Neo

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Any significance that both happened in India on Indian aircraft? :-k

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Re: Airbus A320 Neo

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The A320neo is famous for its engine issues
Hong Kong Express's only A320neo has been wrapped in foil for months now
Special Concept Livery to celebrate Pakistan's 70th year of Independence