Detailed Hasegawa 747-100 build

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Detailed Hasegawa 747-100 build

Post by Nasir »

Quite impressive! I can only imagine how difficult it must've been to work with a 1/200 model:

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Re: Detailed Hasegawa 747-100 build

Post by ConnieMan »

Now that's just amazing to see how he extended flaps and slats on that Hasagava model. When I was doing plastic modelling at competition level, I stated making two very unique projects:

1) Nasa's SCA B741 with Columbia shuttle on it's piggy back with flaps, slats extended in landing position while tilting main wing gears in a way that model would it as if it just touched down!.

2) I did model of B747-600X that Boeing launched in mid 90's that was shelved as lack of airline's demand!, It was to have then wing design, wing box and engines from B777s technology but it was no go in reality but i used 5 kits of 1/200 B747s, and a kit of 1/144 Minicraft B777 for the wings and couple kits for B777 engines to create this stretched Jumbo with B777 wings and engines!, both of these projects are presently boxed in different stages of build, someday I will get back and complete them.