PAF's *Vodka Burner*, miniature RC flying model....

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PAF's *Vodka Burner*, miniature RC flying model....

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Well friends, this is another one of my dreamed giant scale rc models that i will be making after my Concorde does it's maiden flight. I have started to slowly work on this project now, presently it's in basic preliminary design stages but as time goes by and i keep getting the technical information needed, it will keep progressing. The beauty of scratch building is to share your ideas with fellow modelers who have same interest and create a dream into reality from designing to flying it. For this model, i have found another modeler in France who also wants to do IL-78 in Indian Air Force livery in same scale as mine (1:14th). He and one other guy are sharing there ideas also with me on this project, one fellow had started to work on his dream project of AN-72/74 EDF model, i like how he made fuselage's inner main crutch structure that will take full flight loads including landing and take off stresses. More then likely i will incorporate his crutch box structure design for my bigger IL-78's model.

Here are some initial specs of the model after crunching some numbers, as time goes by , i will add more to these specs until final requirements are met.

Illyushin IL-78 "Midas aka Vodka Burner"

Scale: 1:14th
Length: 10.86' = 11' (Round off)
Wingspan: 11.84' = 12'
Height: 3-1/2'
Weight: 15-17Lbs AUW (Estimated)
Propulsion: 4x 108mm EDF units (Motors to selected)

Landing gears: Custom main gears to be built, as they turn 90 degrees and retract 90 degrees also. Possibly retracts will be electric retracts incorporating brand new technology.

Fight controls: Fowler flaps, Ailerons, Rudder, Elevators with variable pitch stabilizer if possible.

Additional features: Full lighting system, brakes on main landing gears, functional thrust reverser buckets on all 4 nacelles. Operational landing gear doors. Being aerial tanker, rear cargo door will be non functional.