New Islamabad Airport shelved

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New Islamabad Airport shelved

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New Islamabad Airport shelved due to lack of funds: Secy Defense

Monday August 29, 2005 (1140 PST)

ISLAMABAD, August 30 (Online): The Parliamentary Secretary Defense, Maj (retd) Tanveer Hussain Syed, has said that the construction of new Islamabad Airport was not initiated so far because of government's lack of funds and promised government's immediate beginning on the projects as soon as new funds were available.

While further elaborating on the affairs of PIA and national aviation scenario in general during "The Question hour" in the National Assembly session on Monday, he said that a huge tract of land measuring about 3179 acres had already been acquired for the purpose, and its acquisition is being sought with the help of the Punjab Provincial government.

He also informed the Assembly that PIA grounded about 13 aircraft this year, due to their damaged condition in various incidents. The National Carrier has leased about eight aircraft during the past five years, purchasing seven used and three new aircraft.

In February, two Fokker aircraft were leased from the Expo Lanka Aviation of Sri Lanka to the tune of U$D28, 000 per month. PIA purchased one aircraft for U$D12, 00,000, and further six G-747 aircraft from Cathy Pacific Airlines for an additional U$D 62million package deal.

In further deals, PIA leased six Airbus aircraft at the rate of U$D 1,82,000 per annum, for a period of 10 years. It has purchased further 3 new Boeing 777 aircraft for U$D 35 from the company.

He also informed the House that the government is contemplating two new airports at Islamabad and Gwadar. The later is being planned at about 35 kilometers from Zero Point junction at Garandani, Gwadar.

Speaking on the occasion, the federal Minister for Law, Mr. Wasi Zafar elaborated that Human Rights Relief Funds had depleted without being properly utilized. The amount in question was about Rs. 1500,000, which were way short than the original requirement. He said that the Prime Minister has been apprised of the situation and demand for increase has been initiated.

He informed that during the year 2002-03 about 243 suffering people have been relieved from these funds. He also informed the House that about ten officials of the Ministry of Law availed official foreign tours, during the past four year.


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Post by CoyBoy »

Just two days back I heard the PM tell an audience that the new ISB airport was going to be constructed near Fatehjung, bringing prosperity to surroudning areas.

Isnt Fatehjung another city?

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Mr. Shaukat Aziz said that new traffic system will also be implemented in the capital city within few weeks to make it a model traffic city. Later on this system would also be introduced in other cities.

He announced that construction work of the new Islamabad Airport near Fateh Jang would be launched shortly and fencing work of its area is underway. He directed CDA to construct a new link road from the proposed new Airport to Islamabad of Motorway quality.
The Prime Minister also directed the CDA to expedite construction work of Pirwadhai road and improvement of Airport link road besides linking Chak Shahzad Road to Airport road.

He said that Afghan refugees residing in I-11 Sector are being relocated and the allottees of the sector would be able to get their land very soon.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Interior Minister Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao told that the issue of repatriation of affectees of D-12 has been resolved amicably and they will be compensated shortly.

The Chairman CDA informed about the development activities being carried out by the authority in Islamabad. He said new hotels and shopping malls of international standards would be constructed in the city besides extension of Blue Area. He said the Prime Minister has approved construction of flats on seventy acres of land in E-11 Sector to overcome housing problem.

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He said the government plans to construct a new Islamabad airport at Fateh Jeng and the CDA should build new roads to the area. He also directed the CDA to complete IJ Principle Road and a road from Shahzad Town to the airport. :roll:
The prime minister said a new traffic system would soon replace the existing traffic system in the capital city. A new traffic police force modelled on the National Highway and Motorway Police would monitor the new traffic system.

CDA Chairman Kamran Lashari said no new sector had been opened in Islamabad after 1988, which had resulted in a severe shortage of housing and rocketing property prices. Now, the government had launched I-15 and D-12, and would follow it up with I-14, E-12 and I-16.

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Note how the news item carries the title "Islamabad Airport Shelved", and provides a two line description, and then goes on to talking about other matters. This is not news reporting, its a joke !

I've read just a few days back that Musharraf will perform the ground breaking of the airport very soon.
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Has the government bought the land for the airport???

If the airport plan gets cancelled, then what happens to the land, and the money spent on the land purchases???

I guess someone made money selling the airport land to the government.

Good way to make money, first buy land, then announce that a modern airport is going to be built, sell the land to the government at ten times profit, then announcet that no money is left for the construction of the airport.

Everyone makes money, government (people) gets screwed.

Maybe a modern airport should be announced for every city, and more people can make tons of money.

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