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AP-BGL wrote:Which plane? The one which are they going to use for their operations? Also anybody know the current registration of there a/c?
B747-200 about the current reg...sorry

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hasan saleem wrote:globalspirit could you enlighten us more about the airline, like have they leased the 747-200 or bought it ? dry lesae or wet lease ? will they be having desi cabin crew ? and what are their future plans ? whos venture is this ? etc
The aircraft are on Damp Lease from European Aviation. They provide the ACMI element and some additional variables.

We have our own Cabin Crew. Global Spirit has hired 30 crew based out of Islamabad.

Our immediate term plans are to commence our Manchester - Islamabad service twice weekly and then move onto looking at Manchester - Lahore. For other parts of the world we plan flying to Bangkok, Sharjah, Los Angeles, Tehran, Jeddah, Dacca and routes which have VFR characteristics.

Our Fleet upgradation plans sees Global Spirit upgrading the current fleet of 2 B747-236B aircraft to maybe 3rd or 4th Generation 747's currently being evaluated by both our Technical and Commercial Departments.

We would invite any members of the forum to post there suggesstions and reccommendations which will be recieved favourably.

Thank you for your interest in Global Spirit.

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It means we will see Global Spirit with new and modern planes in the future. Good! My best wishes are with you 'globalspirit' and whole of the corporation.

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We would invite any members of the forum to post there suggesstions and reccommendations which will be recieved favourably.
I would suggest the 767-300ER. I am sure plenty available from the Chapte 11 US carriers.

Why operate a route with a 747 twice a week, when the you can offer your customers four weekly 767 flights?? Higher frequency would attract the business traveler who wants more flight options.

A 250 seater, would be great for competing againest the high frequency provided by Emirates.

God's International Airline

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What was the reason for naming the airline "Global Spirit"..what is the theme the company is trying to promote with this name?