Private airlines force PIA improve service

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Private airlines force PIA improve service

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Private airlines force PIA improve service

KARACHI (August 23 2005):
The operation of flights on international routes by the private airlines has caused Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to reassess its operations on the routes and improve various packages to retain its own share in the international travel market in Pakistan.

The permission to private airlines was given on the basis of open sky policy and with a view to promote private airlines and make them build up services at par with the PIA and better.

However, insiders say that even on the new lower tickets for routes in the Middle East and London, the under-cutting in fares has begun. Foreign airlines who were having a boom in handling Pakistani passengers for travel abroad on airlines connecting from Dubai, have begun undercutting fares.

One of the airlines on the Karachi-London route is from Central Asian Republic which has beaten all other airlines by offering lowest fares on the route.

Similarly, reduced fares are also offered for other European destinations. However, insiders in the industry feel that Civil Aviation Authority should strictly check the practice.

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