New PIA YYZ rumor

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i dont think so yvr have enough load factor to sustain even a 1 flight per weak
what pia should do is to make a deal with air canada or westjet to carter pia passangers acroos canada this way they can add another 2 frequencies to toronto

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behramjee then why are PIA flying direct to Oslo to cater to the 30,000 Pakistani's there when they can catch a PIA flight from anywhere in Europe?
3 days ago whilst going on the GO BUS from SQ 1 mall in YYZ back to campus at York, I was fortunate enough to be seated next to the wife of the owner of AERO TRAVELS of CPH and OSL who are supposedly PIAs biggest consolidator agent in the Scandinvinian States.

She said that in OSL there are 60,000 Pakistanis, CPH - 35,000 and ARN-Stockholm 25,000.

She also said that the reason why PIA does well so well from CPH and OSL is because of the high yield it generates. Even though it is a pricy option compared to BA/EK/GF from those cities, the Pakistanis over there are willing to pay that extra 100-150 Euros to fly nonstop to PAK rather than via LHR/FRA + DXB/AUH. Plus from CPH and OSL, PIA sees good loads in business class too due to them winning that Norwegian telecom contract + political-diplomatic traffic + business traders find it a convenient option (nonstop) rather than 1-2 stops.

Plus also remember that you have to look at the competition from OSL and CPH which PIA faces which now is SWE FLY and BA only where as before when it started flying there it was only BA via LHR to ISB.

In places such as SYD, SFO, JNB etc...competition for PIA is extremely fierce and more competitive than from OSL/CPH.

From SFO : CX and BA to PAK
From SYD : MH, TG and CX
From JNB : QR-EK-GF-EY from Feb 06